Kilbracken Destiny™

An interactive financial modelling solution providing key decision makers the analytics to stress test and confirm their short and long term strategic financial plans.

Kilbracken Destiny™ enables schools to develop their budget interactively, not just manage the outcome.

Developing an annual budget interactively enables quicker and greater flexibility in reviewing the changes to many variables and assessing numerous scenarios.

Save time on budgeting

The Kilbracken Destiny™ software allows you to develop your budget interactively, which allows you to make adjustments and changes in a fraction of the time.

Tried and tested interactive forecasting

Kilbracken Destiny™ encourages long-term, strategic thinking through financial forecasting of all factors of your budget.

Validation for future planning and applications

Use Kilbracken Destiny™ reports and data for strategic planning, capital development plans, capital grant applications and borrowing applications.

Intelligent visualisation for interested parties

Display reports and information in simple, user-friendly formats that can be quickly interpreted and referenced by key stakeholders.

Perfect for …

School administration and finance

Kilbracken Destiny™ has been developed over a number of years in response to the needs and desires of school Business Managers, Directors of Finance and Governing bodies. It has been vigorously tested in the market place and is constantly being improved based on feedback.

Perfect for …

Organisations that require dynamic forecasting

Reviewing changing short and long term variables instantaneously encourages and complements strategic thinking in a time efficient manner. Discover our custom solutions.

Kilbracken Features

 Budget Development

Development of annual budget with linkages to key variable parameters and general ledger accounts.

  Long-term financial forecasting

Long term financial forecasting for up to 10 years.

 Scenario Comparison

Easy scenario comparisons for long term financial forecasting.

Key Performance Indicators

Use Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking parameters to assist in providing sustainable financial results.

Stress Testing

Stress test future financial developments easily and accurately

 Customized reports

Develop your own reports for various stakeholders in addition to the Kilbracken Destiny™ reporting features, including Income & Expenditure, Cash flow and Balance Sheet reporting.

 Payroll Integration

Include all members of staff and associated payroll scales, allowances, and on-costs.

Integrate Kilbracken Destiny™ with your preferred software

Kilbracken Destiny™ interacts with different software programs and external data bases quickly and easily, enabling enhanced reporting and re-forecasting.

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“During my 8 years as Principal of Santa Maria College we have undertaken a massive building program and also altered our enrolment numbers. Prior to making these changes, approval is needed from the College Advisory Council and the Mercy Education Board. We live in interesting and uncertain economic times and ten years ago who would have predicted the current low interest rates? Prudent financial planning requires inputting the best and worst case scenarios in terms of variables such as; interest rates, Federal and State funding, loan repayments, enrolment numbers and staff pay increases.

Kilbracken Destiny has simplified this task and allowed us to stress test our financial position. A simple change to a variable, a click of a button and our 10 year financial plan is in front of us. Further scrutiny and answering questions such “what if the State Government gives 0% increase?” - can be done immediately. Kilbracken Destiny is product that comes with my highest recommendation.”

Ian ElderPrincipal - Santa Maria College

“I commenced using Destiny in 2007 for the preparation of my school budget papers after I looked around for a product that was comprehensive, yet easy to understand and use. I have continued to use and support the software since that time as I have found it meets the school’s requirements. Staff have found the Budget Papers’ element very easy to use and the automatic consolidation of departments/sections is really useful. Our Board members find the Destiny reports provide them with enough detail so that they can make informed decisions in relation to setting fees and financial forecasting. Paul Butler has always been responsive to our needs and it is obvious that he has a wealth of experience in the school environment.
I would recommend that schools consider Destiny if they are looking for a program that can enhance their budget preparation and Board reporting.”

Graham WoolacottToowoomba Grammar School