Kilbracken Destiny™ Pricing

Annual Price - Kilbracken Destiny™Program Price

$ 2.25

Per Student
  •  Minimum $950*
  •  Maximum $2000*
  • Online handbook and manual
  • 4 hours of training and setup
  • Program support
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Bureau Service - Monthly or other regular financial reporting

$ 250

Per Report Period
  •  Periodic reporting set up
  • Up to date financials and associated commentary
  • Report set up for different key parties
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Consulting Services

$ 120

Per Hour
  • Assistance with generating reports
  • Further training and support
  • Written Business Plans for Loan applications, School Registration and other legislative requirements
  •  Assistance with Capital Grant applications
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Specific Contract Services


Contract price for the completion of specific task(s) or reports. Agreed contract price prior to commencement.

*All Prices Exclude GST

Kilbracken Destiny™ Features

 Budget Development

Development of annual budget with linkages to key variable parameters and general ledger accounts.

  Long-term financial forecasting

Long term financial forecasting for up to 10 years.

 Scenario Comparison

Easy scenario comparisons for long term financial forecasting.

Key Performance Indicators

Use Key Performance Indicators and benchmarking parameters to assist in providing sustainable financial results.

Stress Testing

Stress test future financial developments easily and accurately.

 Customized reports

Develop your own reports for various stakeholders in addition to the Kilbracken Destiny™ reporting features, including Income & Expenditure, Cash flow and Balance Sheet reporting.

 Payroll Integration

Include all members of staff and associated payroll scales, allowances, and on-costs.